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COVID-19 Update

We are on a “Shelter In Place” order by the City of Fresno until 03/31/2020. This is NOT business, as usual. That said, please be aware of the following:



All leasing has been suspended until further notice. Rental applications will remain in our system on a “first come, first serve” basis. However rental applications will not be processed as we’re unable to show properties for rent and complete the move-in process.



  • All communication should be emailed to Our receptionist is monitoring our email account from home.

  • All non-emergency maintenance will be postponed until the health and physical contact restrictions have been removed.

  • Urgent maintenance can be coordinated by calling our urgent maintenance service at (855) 559-5525.

  • Rents will be due, as usual. However, you may have to pay online or at one of our pay stations, such as 7-11 convenient stores, Ace Check Cashing stores or CVS Pharmacies.

  • Contact Hope @, if your rent for the month of April will be impacted by COVID-19 virus.


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